Rules of Using the Olympic Club Card

1. Olympic Casino Club Card is a personal card (hereinafter: Club Card) issued to a private person by Olympic Entertainment Group AS address: Pronksi 19 Tallinn, reg. code: 10011039, (hereinafter: Olympic Casino) that enables its user to earn bonus points (hereinafter: Bonus Points) during gaming and receive benefits on provided products and services.
2. Club Card is valid in all Olympic Casino casinos.
3. Information about Club Card levels and valid benefits is available on homepage

4. In order to receive a Club Card, a person will fill out a corresponding application, after which a Club Card will be issued. Issuing of the Club Card on the basis of a signed application is considered as conclusion of a contract.
5. The Club Card is the property of Olympic Casino and the right of use of it has been granted to the Club Card user (hereinafter: Card User).
6. To receive Club Card benefits, the card must be presented together with an order.
7. The Club Card is a personal card and may not be given for use to other persons. Employee may ask the Card User ID document for identification. Olympic Casino has the right to close and confiscate the Club Card in the event of its misuse.
8. Olympic Casino must be immediately informed by calling +372 630 5537 or 1677 if the Club Card gets lost or stolen. The lost or stolen Club Card will then be closed.
9. To receive a new Club Card, the User must contact any of the Olympic Casino. Fee for issuing a new Club Card is 1 euro.
10. Olympic Casino is not responsible for any damages caused to the User by and actions performed with a Club Card that has been lost or stolen or that is otherwise no longer in the possession of the User.
11. If the User does not meet the requirements necessary for maintaining his/her Club Card level, Olympic Casino has the right to bring the level and the associated benefits applicable to the User into conformity with the level the requirements of which the User has fulfilled. Additionally, Olympic Casino has the right to decide not to close the (higher level) Club Card issued to the User earlier, but benefits are provided to the User only according to the level the requirements of which the User has fulfilled.
12. Olympic Casino reserves the right not to issue a Club Card to the customer without an obligation to ground such decision.
13. User may apply for closing of the Club Card at any time by submitting a respective written application to Olympic Casino.
14. Olympic Casino has the right to close the Club Card and annul the earned Bonus Points if:
a. The User has not used the Club Card for 12 consecutive months (unless agreed otherwise);
b. The Club Card has been used contrary to the present Terms and Conditions;
c. The User has violated the Gambling Law, the present Terms and Conditions, gaming rules of Olympic Casino or other rules and regulations set up by Olympic Casino.
15. Olympic Casino is not responsible for any damages caused to the User in connection with closing the Club Card except if and to the extent such exclusion of liability is not permitted by the applicable legislation.

16. In order to earn bonus points, insert the Club Card into the card reader while playing the slot machine or present your Club Card to the casino employee before the game starts at the gaming table.
17. The number of bonus points earned will be calculated on base of sum of bets made during the game and depends on the earning scheme applicable on the date of the activity.
18. Bonus Point exchange value is 100 Bonus Points = 1 euro. The minimum amount of points that can be exchanged for money is 100 Bonus Points.
19. Bonus Points can be used to pay for products and services, participation in games and campaigns or exchanged to money at gaming venue cash desk. Bonus Point balance of the User decreases by the used Bonus Points, unless specified otherwise by Olympic Casino.
20. Olympic Casino reserves the right to change the Bonus Point balance of the User if and in extent by which the balance has changed due to a system error, mistake or cheating.
21. Information about Bonus Point balance of the User can be obtained at all Olympic Casinos.
22. Bonus Points remain valid for 12 months after the last use of the Club Card.
23. Bonus Points are User-specific and cannot be donated, sold or otherwise transferred to other persons.

24. Olympic Casino has the right to change the present Club Card Terms and Conditions by notifying the Users in advance for at least 1 (one) month via the Olympic Casino webpage and via the e-mail address submitted by the User. The User has the right to cancel the Club Card by submitting a respective application in case the User does not agree with the changes to the Terms and Conditions. If the User does not submit (within due time) an application for closing the Club Card by the time the changed Terms and Conditions become valid, it shall be deemed, that he/she agrees with the changes.
25. Legislation of the Republic of Estonia shall be applicable to the present Terms and Conditions of Olympic Casino Club Card. Any disputes arising from the Terms and Conditions of the Club Card shall be settled by negotiations; if a mutual agreement cannot be reached, the dispute shall be taken to a relevant court of the Republic of Estonia.

26. The responsible processor of personal information is Olympic Entertainment Group AS (Pronksi 19, Tallinn; Data protection officer of the company is Aare Reinsalu (+3726671072, Pronksi 19 Tallinn;
27. Olympic Casino processes Personal Information with the purpose to fulfill the contract drawn with Club Card Users.
28. Personal Information gained in the course of the data subject applying for the Club Card are required for functioning of the Club Card. Olympic Casino cannot issue a Club Card if the User fails to present information required for applying for the Club Card. In case Olympic Casino will not be able to handle Personal Information related to using of the Club Card, it will also not be possible to calculate Bonus Points to the User nor determine the Club Card level.
29. If the User has allowed to use his/her Personal Information on direct marketing purposes, Olympic Casino will have the right to use the electronic contact information of the User for direct marketing of its products or services. The User has the right to deny use of his/her Personal Information for direct marketing at any time.
30. Olympic Casino has the right to share Personal Information of the User and use of Club Card with other Olympic Entertainment Group companies.
31. Categories of Personal Information recipients are: Employees in the shift, Casino manager, CRM department employees, Marketing department employees, Surveillance department employees, System administrator.
32. Personal Information of Club Card Users shall not be distributed outside of EU/EEA.
33. Olympic Casino shall use automated decisions for calculating Club Card levels and their related benefits.
34. Personal Information related to the Club Card is retained for 7 years after the last use of the Club Card.
35. The User has the right to request access to his/her personal data, rectification or erasure of his/her personal data or restriction of processing of his/her data, present an objection to processing of personal data and the right to transfer of personal information. For using his/her right, we ask the User to contact the casino service personnel or send a digitally signed application to e-mail address
36. The User has the right to present a complaint related to processing of his/her Personal Information to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate by sending a digitally signed application to e-mail address or visiting at address Väike-Ameerika 19, 10129 Tallinn.

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