Olympic Park Casino isn’t just a casino. It is a glamorous entertainment venue that combines live concerts and parties, gripping sports events and thrill-seeking guests.

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€ 13,190.85


Jan 112021Olympic Casino PärnuPärnu

€ 12,262.98


Jan 082021Olympic Casino TaskuTartu

€ 6,040.77


Jan 142021Olympic Casino ÜlikooliTartu

€ 5,308.00


Jan 032021Olympic Casino ÜlikooliTartu

€ 5,004.00


Jan 112021Olympic Casino LõunakeskusTartu

€ 4,915.00


Jan 212021Olympic Casino LõunakeskusTartu

€ 4,407.00


Jan 232021Olympic Casino ÜlikooliTartu

€ 4,340.00


Jan 082021Olympic Casino ÜlikooliTartu

€ 4,223.00


Jan 032021Olympic Casino TaskuTartu

€ 4,079.00


Jan 152021Olympic Casino ÜlikooliTartu
It is a privilege to be a first-time visitor because on your first four visits you will be introduced to Olympic Casino with a welcome drink and free starting money.
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Olympic Club Cards

Olympic Casino club card is much more than just a regular loyalty card. As a holder of our club card, you can enjoy splendid benefits and special offers both at our bars and within various campaigns. In addition to this, you can earn money.
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