Poker tournament for rookie players. Every Sunday @ Park Casino at 15:15


The New Players Sunday poker tournament is staged in the Olympic Park Casino every Sunday! All novice poker players are invited to attend and compete! We will welcome you with drinks and snacks and, most importantly, we will teach you the basics of playing poker.

We start every Sunday at 2 p.m., prior to the tournament there is an about hour long training session, so make sure you show up to brush up your skills!


The tournament buy-in is 15 euros, during the late registration it is possible to make up to three reentries, with each one costing 10 euros. You can play FOR FREE (we will pay for your buy-in ourselves), if you are visiting us for the first time.

Tactics for advanced players

Once a month we run more in-depth training masterclasses, where professional poker players explain some more subtle nuances of the game. We cover such essential topics, as starting hands in different positions, positional play, bluff, protecting yourself, when an opponent is trying to “steal the blinds”.


The tournament prize pools consist of accumulated buy-ins, so the more players there are, the higher the payouts. The prize pool is split as follows, depending on the number of players:

Place Up to 8 players 9 – 11 players 12 – 20 players 21 – 30 players 31 – 50 players 51 – 70 players
1. 60,0% 50,0% 40,0% 36,0% 34,0% 31,7%
2. 40,0% 30,0% 27,0% 25,0% 23,0% 20,7%
3. 20,0% 19,0% 17,5% 16,5% 15,3%
4. 14,0% 12,8% 11,9% 10,8%
5. 8,7% 8,0% 7,2%
6. 6,6% 5,8%
7. 4,6%
8. 3,9%

Depending on the number of players, a tournament lasts about 5-8 hours.

POKER WISDOM, LESSON #1 — Poker is not a suitable way of overcoming financial problems. If you are playing, play responsibly and within your means.