Mystery Jackpot Cash Marathon

€ 12,189.53Highest Jackpot

About Jackpot

It is possible to catch Mystery Jackpots again and now the concept is even more attractive. In Mystery Jackpot Cash Marathon a jackpot sum starts growing from €10,000 and falls before reaching €25,000. All the slot machines in Olympic Casino Estonia are connected to the Mystery Jackpot (except for electronic roulette). To win, one needs to play slots with their club card regardless of their bet.

Jackpot details

All 630 5537Slots

€ 70,012.50


Nov 052020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 55,012.00


Nov 052020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 52,215.00


Oct 302020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 50,460.00


Nov 202020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 49,725.00


Nov 232020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 45,802.50


Nov 202020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 44,265.00


Nov 242020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 33,120.00


Nov 112020Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 25,533.00


Nov 042020Olympic Casino MagistralTallinn

€ 25,025.00


Oct 282020Olympic Casino NauticaTallinn