Bruce Award jackpot

€ 622.31Highest Jackpot

About Jackpot

At the moment you can only give it a try in the Olympic Casino Kopli. This jackpot system is dedicated to the famous Nemo the fish and on its three levels, you can win between €10 and €1,000. The minimum win on the lowest level “Rosa” is €10 and the maximum is €50. On the “Nemo” level you can win between €100 and €300 and at the highest level “Bruce” winnings start from €300 and can reach €1,000.

Jackpot details

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€ 70,012.50


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€ 55,012.00


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€ 52,215.00


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€ 50,460.00


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€ 49,725.00


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€ 45,802.50


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€ 44,265.00


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€ 33,120.00


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€ 25,533.00


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€ 25,025.00


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