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In poker the aim is to get a hand with a card combination that is stronger than the dealer’s hand.

Detailed description of the game

To begin the game you should make your initial bet by placing chips in the first box (Ante). It is also allowed to play on all boxes simultaneously. When playing on several boxes the Player is only allowed to see one hand and the others will remain blind. Both bets – Ante and Bet – have to be made in the case of blind hands. The Bet equals double the Ante bet. The dealer will deal five cards to each player and for the dealer. The cards will be dealt face-down to the players, while the last (fifth) card for the dealer will be face-up. In the case of an open hand after all cards have been dealt players have the option of buying one or two extra cards by paying the fee of a single or double Ante bet. Then you must consider your cards and decide whether you double your initial bet (by placing chips on the Bet box) and continue to play or fold to surrender, losing the Ante bet. After that the dealer will turn over the remaining four cards.

Game details

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In case the dealer’s hand includes at least an Ace/King, the wins depend on your cards. In case the dealer has a stronger combination, the bets do not win. In case your combination is stronger, the initial Ante bet is paid 1:1 and the second Bet is paid according to the combination.




• Royal Flush 100:1

• Straight Flush 50:1

• Four of a Kind 20:1

• Full House 7:1

• Flush 5:1

• Straight 4:1

• Three of a Kind 3:1

• Two Pair 2:1

• One Pair 1:1

• High Card Ace/King 1:1


In case the dealer has no game the player has two options: only the initial Ante bet is paid no matter what the player’s hand is or the player can buy a new card to replace the dealer’s highest card for a fee equalling the Ante. In case the dealer still has no game the Ante bet will not be paid.

Poker Progressive Jackpot:

In order to win the Poker Progressive Jackpot you have to make a separate optional bet. Jackpot bet wins regardless of dealers hand. The bet considers the best hand possible among all the player’s first 5 cards dealt in Oasis Poker and Russian Poker, the player’s 2 hole cards combined with the flop (first 3 community cards) in Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Jackpot payouts:

• Royal Flush or Straight Flush - 100% jackpot

• Four of a kind – €300

• Full House – €50

• Flush – €40

• Straight – €30

• Three of a kind – €10


„Envy“ bonus: If one of the players wins 100% jackpot then all the other players who wagered the bonus bet will win €100.


€ 22,400.00


Feb 132024Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 21,750.00


Feb 142024Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 19,050.00


Feb 132024Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 18,394.01


Feb 162024Olympic Casino TaskuTartu

€ 15,181.00


Feb 242024Olympic Casino MustakiviTallinn

€ 14,055.00


Feb 092024Olympic Casino ÜlikooliTartu

€ 13,842.66


Feb 072024Olympic Casino ÜlikooliTartu

€ 12,513.60


Feb 182024Olympic Casino MagistralTallinn

€ 12,375.00


Feb 092024Olympic Casino ÜlikooliTartu

€ 12,313.00


Feb 162024Olympic Casino KristiineTallinn

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