21+ / Package to enjoy the first casino experience

€ 60.00

About Package

Welcome to the club for grown ups! Once You’ve reached the age of 21, You can finally dive into the mysterious world of casino entertainments.

Additional information

The package includes:

• Sparkling wine on arrival

• A photo opportunity to capture the moment for the rest of your life

• An introduction to casino games and a private tournament in one of them (except poker)

• Lucky money from Olympic Casino to You and Your friends

• A proper round of shots

• Tournaments with prizes

• Sports betting in the OlyBet sports bar and 2 x 10€ sports betting money for the company


The package can be redeemed any day with a 2 weeks’ notice, according to availability.

NB! An identification document is required at the entrance to the casino. The minimum age is 21 years.


We will get back to You you as soon as possible, on workdays between 9:00-17:00.

If You’re late by 30 minutes or more, the package is canceled (except for specific arrangements).

Package details

in 3 casinosEstoniapaketid@oc.eu+372 630 5377Entertainment package

Number of people
Up to 6
Sparkling wine
Not available
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