„For Women Only“ campaign in Park Casino

About Campaign

The “For Women Only”campaign is running in Olympic Park Casino between 02.11 and 26.12. Its draws take place every Saturday at 20:00 and the campaign is based on virtual tickets.

Conditions for receiving a campaign ticket:


For bonus points:

  • Playing with a club card (slot machines and/or at the tables) and having collected at least 1 bonus point — 1 virtual ticket in the virtual basket. When calculating the number of virtual tickets, accumulated bonus points are not charged.



    • Between 07.11 and 26.12 jackpot draws take place in Olympic Park Casino (Fr.R. Kreutzwaldi 23, Tallinn) every Saturday, starting at 20:00.
    • To take part in the final, players need to be present in Olympic Park Casino every Saturday, unless stated otherwise before the draw.
    • During a draw 2 tickets are randomly selected to participate in a Jackpot final. The Fortune randomly picks 2 virtual tickets, she then writes down the corresponding club card numbers on paper tickets and places them into envelopes. Then one of the envelopes goes on the Red color on the roulette table and the other one on the black. Then the dealer performs a SPIN.
    • One participant can participate with a single ticket only.
    • If the ball lands on a red number, the corresponding participant wins a prize. If it lands on zero, another spin is performed.
    • After each draw ticket accumulation starts all over again.


Campaign details

Olympic Park CasinoTallinnBonus pointsCampaign typeNov 02 2020Dec 26 2020Every Saturday at 8 p.mPrize pool 800€

Only for woman
Game type
Start date
End Date

€ 70,012.50


Nov 052020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 55,012.00


Nov 052020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 52,215.00


Oct 302020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 50,460.00


Nov 202020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 49,725.00


Nov 232020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 45,802.50


Nov 202020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 44,265.00


Nov 242020Olympic Casino JärveTallinn

€ 33,120.00


Nov 112020Olympic Park CasinoTallinn

€ 25,533.00


Nov 042020Olympic Casino MagistralTallinn

€ 25,025.00


Oct 282020Olympic Casino NauticaTallinn

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