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Pirita Last Jackpot 01.08 – 31.08.23


Olympic Casino Pirita will be closed on Aug 31, there is the “Pirita Last Jackpot” campaign going on between 01.08 and 31.08.23. The campaign prize pool of €1 000 is split as follows: 1 x €500 and 5 x €100. 

A Player has the right to participate in the additional game of chance and to receive tickets for participation in the additional game of chance by playing slots following the confirmed game rules.

At the slot machines:
Every customer playing at the slots every full hour WITH THEIR CLUB CARD and irrespective of their bets - 1 paper ticket (provided they have been playing for at least 15 minutes before the full hour)

For bonus points:
Playing slots WITH A CLUB CARD 1 bonus point collected gives a customer 1 virtual ticket in the virtual basket. Bonus points are not withdrawn when calculating the number of bonus points accumulated.

●    A computer system is supervising the virtual tickets. 
●    Tickets awarded for accumulated bonus points go straight into the virtual ticket basket.
●    In the casino, a customer has the right to control the number of bonus points and virtual tickets. 
●    All the paper tickets need to be filled in correctly, with customers’ first names, last names and phone numbers written legibly, otherwise, tickets are declared void. 
●    Paper tickets are collected into a special basket in the casino.
●    OEG reserves the right to limit participation in the additional game of chance to those customers, who have violated the OEG game rules.
●    OEG reserves the right to make different value-adding offers during the campaign.  
●    OEG reserves the right to unilaterally amend or augment these game rules. The related info shall be made available in Olympic Casino Pirita

The place, procedure, and period of the draw:

●    The final of the “ Pirita Last Jackpot ” additional game of chance takes place at 20:00 on 31.08.2023 in Olympic Casino Pirital (Purje 9, Tallinn).
●    Identities of the participants of the additional game chance are verified following the demands of the “Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention act”.
●    To participate in the draw of the additional game of chance, a customer needs to be present in Olympic Casino Pirita during the draw, unless stated otherwise before the draw.  
●    In this campaign, it is not possible to submit powers-of-attorney. 
●    Customers with a casino ban cannot participate. 
●    Conditions for the draw of the additional game of chance:
●    The winnings are decided in the Caveman Keno slot game. The Fortune draws out 2 tickets belonging to 2 different customers, who hold a duel. The first ticket is drawn out of the paper ticket basket. If its holder is present, then the second ticket is drawn out of the virtual basket. If the paper ticket holder is not present, then the next ticket is drawn out of the virtual basket. Then both customers get to press the START button, the number on the first stone to appear on the screen is their result and the higher result wins the duel. First 5 x €100 is drawn out and then 1 x €500.
●    The winnings are paid out at the casino’s cashier’s desk.

After that promo tickets for the nearestcasonos will be faffled int the same way through duels:

    Linnamäe     100
    Mustakivi     100
    Lasnamäe C    100
    Nautica     100
    Ülemiste     100
Finally, one lucky person will win a € 50 Olybet&Grillbar gift car

Conditions of the bar campaign:

●    All the customers making purchases (including tobacco products) for cash or bonus points at the Pirita casino bar during the period of 01.08 – 31.08.23 can fill in their receipts and with them participate in the draw. It is possible to collect these receipts until 20:00 on 31.08.2023. 
●    A customer needs to legibly write their first name, last name, and phone number on the receipt.
●    During the draw, 3 receipts are pulled out of the basket, these are then placed into envelopes and shuffled up. Then the Fortune opens the first envelope and pulls out the ticket. Its holder wins a 3-liter bottle of alcohol. The other two winners receive surprises.  
●    It is NOT REQUIRED to attend the draw. 
●    One customer can only win one prize.
●    The draw takes place at 20:00 on 31.08.2023. 

OlyBet Sports Betting Campaign:

•    To participate in the campaign, a client must make live or pre-match sports betting ticket of at least €5 at the Pirita OlyBet sports bar between 01.08 and 31.08.23. Only tickets that have lost status, can enter the draw.
•    Tickets purchased in other locations do not participate in this campaign
•    For each customer placing a sports bet - 1 ticket per day into the raffle. If the date changes, it is possible to get a new ticket.
•    You must write your name and phone number on the back of the losing bet and place the ticket in the draw box.
•    Tickets can be collected until 31.08.23 at 19:00

OlyBet Sports Betting Campaing Draw:

•    The draw will take place at Olympic Casino Pirita on 31.08.2023 at approximately 20:00
•    OlyBet sports betting prizes are drawn by drawing tickets from the draw box. Prizes are 5 x 50=100 MPM and 5 x 20=40 MPM
•    One customer can win a maximum of 2 sports betting prizes. If a customer's ticket is drawn from the draw box more than twice, then it is set aside and a new winner is drawn.
•    The client DOES NOT have to be present when the OlyBet sports betting campaign is drawn. Casino manager adds the prizes to the customer's account after the draw.

Campaign details

JackpotCampaign typeAug 01 2023Aug 31 202331.08.2023 20:001000€, MPM

Game type
Slot machines
Game type
Bonus points


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