Carrot Bonus

About Campaign

Between the 9th of September and the 30th of December 2020, there is a Carrot Bonus campaign running in Olympic Park Casino.

The prize pool of the campaign is €1,000 + the amount progressed from last week, unless there was a winner during the last week's raffle. The prize pool may rise up to €9,000. In this campaign, it is possible to accumulate paper and virtual tickets. To accumulate the latter you need to play with your club card.

Description of the additional game of chance, conditions of participation in it and its procedure

  • The additional game chance (henceforth: Jackpot) is based on the American roulette and is taking place in Olympic Park Casino between the 9th of September 2020 and 30th of December 2020.
  • Every week the jackpot prize pool is €1,000 + accumulated sum from the previous week if it has not been won (but no more than €9,000).
  • All customers who play slots or table games with their club cards between 12 AM on the 9th of September and 7 PM on the 30th of December can participate in the Jackpot.
  • Players have the right to participate in the additional game of chance by accumulating tickets of the additional game of chance playing slots and/or table games and/or for bonus points according to the game rules of the additional game of chance:


  • All the customers playing slots regardless of their bets — 1 paper ticket (1 paper ticket in 12 hours);

Table games:

  • All the customers playing table games regardless of their bets — 1 paper ticket (1 paper ticket in 12 hours);


For bonus points:

  • All customers who play slots/table games with their club card and have accumulated at least 25 bonus points receive 1 virtual ticket in the virtual basket. Bonus points are not withdrawn when calculating the number of virtual tickets accumulated.
  • OEG has the right to limit participation in the additional game of chance to those Customers who have violated procedures established in the game rules.
  • During the campaign period, Customers have the right to check the number of their bonus points and the number of tickets they have accumulated.
  • OEG reserves itself the right to make value-added offers during the additional games of chance.
  • OEG reserves itself the right to unilaterally amend and supplement these game rules. The corresponding information shall be made available in all the OEG gaming halls in Estonia.
  • OEG has the right to bring this additional game of chance to a close at any time.


Place, procedure and dates of the draws

  • Jackpot draws take place in Olympic Park Casino (Fr.R. Kreutzwaldi 23, Tallinn) every Wednesday at 7 PM, starting from the 9th of September.
  • To participate in a draw of the additional game of chance a customer needs to be present in Olympic Park Casino every Wednesday unless stated otherwise before the draw. 
  • During a draw 4 tickets are randomly picked, these participate in a Jackpot final. A Fortune randomly picks 4 tickets out of paper and virtual baskets (in turns), these tickets get to participate in a draw. The first ticket is picked out of the paper ticket basket. In the case of virtual tickets, Fortune writes down the club card number on a paper ticket. Finalists then pick one number on the roulette table and place a €0,10 bet. The Dealer then performs a SPIN.
  • In case if there is no ticket on the winning number.
  • The prize pool remains intact.
  • The next week’s prize pool is increased by 1€,000.
  • All the participating tickets (regardless of whether these have advanced to the table or not) participate in the next week’s draw.
  • Next week 4 additional tickets go to the roulette table.
  • Each player can only have up to two tickets on the table (one paper and one virtual).
  • If there is a ticket on the winning number, then its holder wins the entire prize pool.
  • If the prize pool has been won, the ticket collection starts all over again and the prize pool is reset at €1,000.
  • Should a situation arise, where 36 tickets advance to the table and the prize pool has not been won, 1 additional ticket is picked out.
  • Identities of the finalists are verified by their club card number, name, phone number or DoB. To verify their identity OEG staff have the right to ask for a valid ID.
  • If a customer is not present in the casino during the draw, does not react upon hearing their name or it is impossible to identify them, they lose their right to participate in a draw, and a new customer is selected from the same basket to fill up their place, following these rules. For instance, if a Customer has advanced to the table with a paper ticket and they are not present, then a new ticket is picked out from the paper ticket basket.   
  • All the jackpot draws take place on a roulette table. For each ticket participating in the final, its holder needs to place a monetary bet of €0,10. With a monetary bet, they confirm the validity of the personal data they have provided, their willingness to participate in the draw and their compliance with the game rules.
  • A winner is declared by a spin following the rules of American Roulette.

Campaign details

Olympic Park CasinoTallinnLotteryCampaign typeSep 09 2020Dec 30 2020Every Wednesday 19:00Prize pool €1,000–9,000

All clients
Game type
Start date
9 September 2020
End Date
30 December 2020